Saturday, March 28, 2015

Have you lost your mind? An excerpt from Losing Who

Welcome to another edition of the "My Sexy Saturday" blog hop tour. This week's theme is "Their Sexy Talk" and it's all about how lovers relate to each other. Hmm... What one couple finds "sexy" made be very different from what another couple finds romantic, but it takes all kinds of people to build a world, doesn't it?

Here's a  seven paragraph excerpt from my latest release from Mojocastle Press, Losing Who. When you're forced to wipe the memory of your lover in order to save her world, what can you to say to convince her that you still care about her? This is the dilemma alien time traveler John Smith faces with his human girlfriend Cici in this excerpt scene.

Losing Who
Book 3 in the Loving Who series

Cici Connors is losing her mind—or is she? John Smith vows to return her memories, but will his sci-fi convention only attract an invasion of Earth by artificially intelligent life forms?  

From Mojocastle Press 
Also available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks and wherever fine ebooks are sold.

(Excerpt set-up: A telepathic conversation between lovers John and Cici, wherein he tries to explain why he had to blank her memories.)

The time lines…They got a bit muddy. We had to undo them and start afresh in order to keep the universe from exploding. You’re sensitive to how the time lines flow, Cici, but you’re not one of us who can step totally out of time and look at them objectively. So, you’ve got to trust me on this point—you know me from before, and I’ve come back for you against the wishes of my own kind.

Some of what he was relating to her mind made sense. Cici had felt these past few days as if she’d been yanked out of time and thrust back into it at another spot against her will. She sensed that the clock had been turned back and that she was reliving the same days again, only this time with a slightly different cast of characters in a completely different situation. You’re risking your own safety to be with me? she wondered.

I am. I’m risking your safety, too. That’s why I wanted to confess as soon as you seemed able to deal with this knowledge. If you want me out of your time line, I’ll go, Cici. But before I go, I wanted you to know that it wasn’t my idea to leave you behind in the first place.

You want to be with me? Cici felt tears burning beneath her eyelids, but she couldn’t find either her eyes or her tissue to wipe them away.

My kind doesn’t know what romance or love means really, but I think I’ve learned more about it since we met. It’s why I came back for you.

Damn… You’ve wrecked my cynicism. She felt the warmth of a sun upon her cheek like a kiss of an angel. Anything is possible, isn’t it, John Smith?

She heard a soft chuckle then, It is when you love someone, Cici Connors. Love makes all things possible.

Losing Who is available from Mojocastle Press  
Read more excerpts from the Loving Who series at my fiction web site:

Book 1 Loving Who                                                                                                               Book 2 Leaving Who

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Have a great My Sexy Saturday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We'll be seeing you at ConCoction and Millennicon!
It's not often you get to crisscross a state and attend two sci-fi conventions within two weeks... Thank heavens! I just hope my health--and the weather--holds out. (Here that, winter? Be gone!)

But winter is nearly over and hubby AJ Matthews and I are rarin' to get out there and meet some fellow fans and talk about science fiction and writing. We'll be at Cleveland ConCoction March 13-15 and Cincinnati's Millennicon March 20-22. We'll be on quite a few panels, so they'll be plenty of opportunities to chat.

I hope to take some photos and post them here and in my new and improved newsletter upon our return. So, don't be shy! Let us know you want your photo in the newsletter/blog and I'll snap it. My digital camera takes a fairly good shot with enough lighting. But if you shoot a photo with your camera/phone you can always email it to me.
I haveprint copies of Loving Who and Leaving Who that I plan to autograph, at ConCoction. The third book in the trilogy, Losing Who, has been released this week in e-formats, too. Finally, I've completed the alien time traveler's John Smith and human companion Cici Connors' storyline...

...Or have I? I'm working on a story involving John and Cici that will become a free ebook gift for all my newsletter members. So, what have you got to lose? Sign up for the "Triple C Newsletter" below to receive your free book. And we'll be seeing you soon in the Buckeye State! O-H-I-O!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Support Your Local “Pornographer” or Why Does Blogger Call My Blogs “Porn”?

Here's my upcoming book cover. Are you shocked?

You think you’re an average citizen following the rules of civilized society and then something hits you from out of the blue to convince you of your true criminal intent. Yesterday I opened an email from Blogger (Google) saying that my blog has “adult content” and that it can be taken down (or made “private” against my will) so that no one can see it but me unless "sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video" aren’t taken down by March 23, 2015.

Okay, my romantic fiction book covers feature mostly clothed individuals and any “skin” you see on my erotic-romance covers is legal at any beach or poolside in North America. My publishers make extra-sure our book covers aren’t breaking the rules of decent society so that Amazon and other online retailers won’t list our books. What’s the deal?

I went to a Blogger forum to ask for clarification. “Why were my particular blogs targeted for this treatment?” I asked, and this is the answer I received:

The policy is designed to remove porn from Blogger.  It's a fuzzy policy.

Several questions from me (and others) later, and there was no one who could tell us what “pornography” our blogs contained or what Google means by “porn that it wants removed”. Frustrated, I stated, “I think there's just blatant censorship happening here.” And the reply to my statement was:

            No, there really is a problem.  You just make sure that your blog does not contribute.

I’m not saying that there are no blogs on Blogger that contain images or text that could be considered in violation of pornography laws of local jurisdictions—because there are millions of blogs out there and I’ve seen only a handful—but I am saying that indiscriminately labeling blogs with “adult content” as “porn” is painting a picture that many bloggers are somehow social deviants and possible criminals who produce “porn” for an unsuspecting audience. Does this mean our readers are “deviants”, too?

I don’t know about you, but I despise being labeled with a word that carries so much hate and negativity such as “pornographer”. I hate not being able to defend myself and my writings against a faceless corporation who gladly takes our advertising revenue but tells us what we can or cannot post. Why am I and other bloggers being labeled “guilty until proven innocent”? Isn’t Google located in the United States of America? I thought it was “innocent until proven guilty” here. My mistake!

I take the statement, “Make sure that your blog does not contribute,” to mean that at least some of my blogs contain “porn” and, essentially, Google is prepared to censor all blogs it feels qualifies as such. So, what is exactly constitutes “porn” for Google, Inc., and how are they measuring these “adult content” blogs for “porn”? Are they using a computer algorithm or program? A human being with half a brain? A political group with an agenda?

And what exactly is “adult content”? Adults read romantic fiction, so all romance novels could be labeled “adult content” in the broadest sense, including my PG rated books, but so could true crime novels with horrifically graphic murder scenes. You wouldn’t want your children reading those sorts of stories, would you? And non-fiction about war and war crimes…ugh! That’s not G rated stuff, is it? 

Why am I hearing the Rev. Lovejoy’s wife from The Simpsons crying, “Think of the children!” over and over in my head? 

Why aren’t parents doing their jobs and keeping the kids off the computer and away from things they shouldn’t be seeing until their old enough to understand them? Why is Google so anxious to play “Net Nanny” for these lazy parents? Will they make money off of the exercise?

The more you think about it, the more abusive and potentially dangerous this new policy of Blogger sounds.

Do you believe Google, that is Blogger, has the right to censor blogs just because they (or whatever or whomever they’ve hired to screen blogs) consider them pornographic? Who gets to decide how narrow or how broad the definition of “porn” is when it comes to freedom of speech?

Please leave your comments below. And please sign up for my e-newsletter on the sidebar so we can keep in touch because you never know… This could be my last public blog post. I’m a “pornographer”, you know?

UPDATE: Blogger announced on February 27:
This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.  

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.

So... I guess the majority of my blogs are "safe" from being shut down for the time being. Of course, Blogger probably still sees a blog that features erotic-romantic-fiction as being "sexually explicit" even when an individual blog post isn't necessarily "adult" in nature. This means I've placed the "adults only" warning interstitial page on Celine Chatillon's blog and web site. I suppose it's a small price to pay to continue blogging via Blogger. What do you think?

Monday, February 16, 2015

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Sexy Saturday -- Sexy Duncan from Driving in England

The theme this week for My Sexy Saturday is "You're so sexy!" And who else fits the bill other than our handsome hero Duncan from our latest contemporary romance, Driving in England? I mean, Susannah certainly can't wait to see if the reality lives up to her wild and sexy dreams! ;-)

Driving in England
by Cynthianna and  A J Matthews

Susannah travels to England to discover her boss’s relatives. Renowned genealogist Duncan realizes he’s the lost relative Susannah is seeking. They meet and can’t deny their attraction, but Duncan lies to protect his family’s reputation. Can Susannah pierce Duncan’s armor to find the loving man within?

An excerpt: 

He looked down at her hand on his arm. He slowed his breathing and willed himself not to act too impulsively. “You think it foolish a man of my age keeping a library of erotic literature to himself?”

“I don’t know. Do you think it’s foolish for a woman of my age to want to read a library of erotic literature.” They shared a laugh. Before he could utter a reply, her next words nearly floored him.

“I, uh, had quite an erotic dream about you the other night.”

She raised her face to his. Her words sent an endorphin rush through Duncan’s veins that made his ears tingle. His heart began to pump harder as he moved closer and stared at her flushed face and bright eyes for a long moment. “Really?”

“Oh, yes.” She reached out and took his hand, cupping it with slow deliberation around her left breast. “And I’d like to find out if the reality matches the dream.”

He felt the warmth of Susannah’s body through the cloth of her blouse and brassiere cup. Her nipple hardened against his palm. She licked her lips. Without further ado he leaned forward and kissed her, gently rolling her breast in his hand as he did so. Her response was eager. Susannah opened her lips, and he felt her tongue meet his. Passion burned in his veins as a genuine fear raced through his mind.

It’s been so long... Is it like riding a bicycle? Do you ever really forget how to make love to a desirable woman? Perhaps she will show me how—if I forget.

Driving in England is now available at Devine Destinies Books:

and soon wherever fine ebooks are sold! 

Have a great My Sexy Saturday!