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An Excerpt from Leaving Who

Calling all Whovians and rom-com fans... Now on sale, Book 2 in the Loving Who series, Leaving Who! Feel free to share the book link with others. Thank you.
Leaving Who
by Cynthianna

After traveling for six months throughout the vastness of time and space with the alien known as John Smith, Cici Connors wants to do one more thing—go home and see her friends. Homesickness is something Cici never expected to experience as a rabid Doctor Who fan, along with her deeply held desire to be a time traveler's companion, but it's real. Once back home, things aren't quite the same as Cici remembers. John's colleagues, the gorgeous Captain Mac and the femme fatale, Babbling Brook, may not be as harmless as they first appear, either. Will the imminent destruction of Earth throw a kink in Cici's plans of leaving John? Will John ever let her go?

An excerpt from Leaving Who:

“She doesn’t know?” Mac accused my lover without a glance at me. “You didn’t tell her? She doesn’t understand why you came to earth in the first place?”

John shrugged. “It never came up in conversation.”

“What never came up in conversation?” I demanded. “Will one or both of you start talking directly to me instead of around me?” They both turned and stared at me. “Thank you.”

Mac flashed a toothy smile and gave me a wink while carrying on his conversation with John. “I still can’t believe you didn’t inform such a beautiful creature that her life was in dire jeopardy--and everyone else’s on the planet.”

“Like I said, it never came up in conversation.” John continued to grin at me, but I may as well have been in the next county for all it mattered. “You can’t land on a primitive planet and tell them they’re doomed. They won’t invite you in for tea if you start a conversation with, ‘Excuse me. I have something important to tell you. You’re all going to die.’”

I jumped to my feet and shouted. “Why are we all going to die?” Several heads in the restaurant turned my direction. I sat down, blushing, and lowered my voice. "Why are we all going to die?” I repeated in a firm tone.

“Because you’re going to run out of oxygen,” Mac said calmly, his smile never wavering.

I stared at Captain Mac. “How? Due to global warming? Carbon emissions?” 

“No, a giant Hoover,” John interjected. “It’s going to suck the oxygen right out of your atmosphere.”

Mac sighed and flicked the fez tassel off John’s face. “Don’t try to make it any easier on her. She deserves to know the truth.”

Easier? We were all going to suffocate? A giant vacuum cleaner? 

“Okay, I’ll come clean.” John took my hand and squeezed it. “It’s because of us, Cici. The time traveling causes an imbalance wherever it takes place. Matter has to rearrange itself across the timelines and most of the time it means basic elements such as oxygen are moved from one place to another to rebalance the multiverse. It seems the Bygons are working for another concern that is in need of it, possibly due to their time travel throughout the universes. What better place to borrow oxygen from than Earth?”

“Surely they could find oxygen elsewhere!” I cried, trying to read into their expressions for any clues that they were joking. “Can’t they find an intergalactic Wal-mart somewhere and purchase it cheap? Why not make their own?”

Mac shrugged and tutted. “You’d think they’d do that, but in this case they’ve decided Earth’s air is quite sufficient for their needs. Right place, right price, right time.”

“I beg to differ.” There’s never a good time or place for suffocating, but then the entirety of what he said hit me. I leaned toward him. “Excuse me, but what price are these aliens paying and to whom are they paying it?”

Mac’s sexy grin faded. As the twinkle in his eye dimmed, John cleared his throat awkwardly. I turned to see an unusual blush coloring his cheeks. Oh, no.

“Don’t tell me it’s your people who are paying the Bygons to help them suck up Earth’s oxygen.” I moaned as my head dropped into my hands. “Why doesn’t this distressing revelation surprise me in the least?”

“Yes, you’ve been fraternizing with the enemy all along, Cici Connors,” John Smith declared in a quiet voice. “I can understand why you’d want to leave me, but I hope you can see why I wanted to keep you from returning home.”

Leaving Who now available at Devine Destinies Books, Amazon and wherever fine ebooks are sold.

And don't forget to read Book 1 in the series, Loving Who...

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Halloween Flash Fiction!

I wrote a flash fiction piece from a prompt for fellow author Kate Hill for her Halloween blog promo. Turns out she only wanted one line! So below the cover advert is the rest of this short, short story for your Halloween "horror" entertainment. Enjoy! (P.S. It's not all that scary--this is my PG rated persona writing, after all.)
Our latest book in the BloodDark trilogy--SF adventure for all ages! From Desert Breeze Publishing and available online at Amazon.   

The Bus
by Cynthianna

On a cold, dark night, you're alone at a bus stop when your cell phone rings and the caller ID says it's your boyfriend, so you answer it. The voice on the other end isn't his... In fact, it's not even a voice but the sound a puppy whimpering.  It sounds like your dog.

"Is that you Rex? How did you get out of your crate--and how the heck did you call me on Danny's phone?" The bus pulls up and the door opens. "Don't worry. I'll be home soon."

You enter the bus and sit down as it pulls away from the curb. Strange, it's empty. Usually there's a few other souls riding the route, coming off of second shift work about the same time you do, but tonight you have the bus all to yourself. Blinking, you notice there's no bus driver either. The vehicle is driving itself, and you know your city is too cheap to buy a self-driving bus.

"Oh, no... Get me out of here!" You rush to the back door, ready to disembark the moment the bus stops at a light, but it only speeds up. This is your worst nightmare--being trapped on a speeding bus. It reminds you of that movie with Keanu Reeves, the one Danny loves watching over and over again on your big screen TV while you and your faithful dog Rex silently fume at the imposition.

With a sudden jerk you're thrown forward and hit your head against the back of a seat. Minutes later you slowly open your eyes and look up, puzzled to see you're now at home, in your apartment, lying on the sofa next to your boyfriend as he watches television.

"Man, you missed all the good parts," Danny says as he picks up the remote and starts flipping channels. "Good thing you're awake now. I think Rex needs a walk before bedtime."

"You take him," you say to Danny, patting your pup on the head. "I don't think I can go out again tonight. I'm coming down with something... Something I caught on the bus."

 You can see the very nice Halloween Adventures page Kate set up for me at

Also available from Desert Breeze Publishing, my latest rom-com novel, Preachin' to the Choir!


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An excerpt from Preachin' to the Choir

Preachin' to the Choir

Jonathan could do nothing to stop his wife’s losing battle with cancer. With twenty years into the ministry, he can't believe the Lord would leave him with both an empty nest and empty spot on the other side of the bed.

Kat, music teacher and mother of grown twins, feels settled in small town Texas. Life may be dull, but it's predictable, unlike her life with her late husband. Kat concludes a happy, committed relationship with a male is impossible, so she makes peace with herself and with God. If nuns can live celibate, why can't she?

One Sunday, Jonathan spies a golden beam of light descending upon Kat while she is directing the choir. Why hasn’t he noticed how beautiful she was before? From here on out, Jonathan knows he’ll be preachin’ to the choir, but will Kat—and his congregation and their children—let him?

Also available in print at Amazon

An excerpt from Preachin' to the Choir... 

Kat pounced on the stack of sheet music he had brought to the lesson. "Um, would you like me to play the version you brought?" 

"Please do."
She sorted out the copy from the others and opened it across the music stand. "Sorry, but we need to switch places. I need to sit where you're sitting to play properly."
Jonathan stood and side-stepped over to the left to give her access to his stool. 
Kat flashed him a grin in gratitude and sat down without looking. Immediately she found herself deposited on her rear end.
"Ouch!" she cried, rubbing her bruised tailbone. "I missed." 
"You seem to be doing quite a bit of falling on your backside lately." Jonathan chuckled. Placing his large hands under her arms, he lifted her to her feet in one easy motion. "There you go. You all right?"
"I... I'm fine," she managed, taking a step back. The warmth of where his palms contacted her bare flesh lingered, sending tingles of awareness down her arms. "I just need to adjust the height a little."
Kat bent to twirl the stool to raise the seat. To her horror, it stuck.
Jonathan grimaced. "Did I break it? I apologize if I did."
She straightened slowly and shook her head. "Don't worry. It isn't broken. It probably needs to be greased a bit. Why don't we try relocating the bench?"
Jonathan removed the stool. Kat grabbed the bench and started dragging it into position. Without a word, both seated themselves side by side, thighs touching. 
Kat shuddered at the delicious sensation of Jonathan's near presence. This isn't the appropriate time or place for playing footsies, but wouldn't it be nice?
Swallowing hard, Kat focused her attention on the music. Just as she was about to turn to the first page over there came a small moan of wood, then snap! The wounded bench decided it couldn't handle their combined weight any longer as a back leg collapsed. The seat tilted left, throwing her against Jonathan's hard body as they tumbled to the floor.

Preachin' to the Choir is now available from Desert Breeze Publishing.

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Book 3 is now here--can you help us decide which cover is best?

 Our latest in the BloodDark Series...

Book 3 in the "Olivia's Trilogy"  

Olivia's Decision  and also available at Amazon.
Olivia's chance to prove herself as a spy hasn't gone well. She knows the handsome vampire Moreau is up to something. With the assistance of Kate and Mahvet, Olivia solves the mystery of the rogue Portal and Clan Alpha's illegal artwork sales, then escapes with the help of Valori, whose growing telekinetic powers prove frightening.

Hernando is hurt by Olivia's lie, but there's too much at stake to remain mad for long. Even Olivia learns to trust the Pure Bloods. They travel with the ruling council by airship to the Alphans' defensive weapon constructed with materials bought from billionaire Roland Grundfest. She senses the true invaders are Earthmen who've stolen BloodDark's technology for their own purposes. Olivia is torn between Earth and the world and peoples she's come to love. Will a climactic encounter in the desert decide Olivia's--and BloodDark's--fate once and for all?

Read an excerpt at The World of BloodDark web site. 

Books 1 and 2, Olivia's Escape and Olivia's Return, are  available in e-book and print from Desert Breeze Publishing, Amazon and other fine online book sellers. Read more about them at The World of BloodDark.


We're trying to decide which cover to use on promotional materials for this trilogy (as other stories set on BloodDark are forthcoming). Which one of the three covers "speaks" to you the most? Why do you think it works best? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you.

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New Beginnings: A New Book and a New Doctor

 New Beginnings: A New Book

It's here at last--the release of my first novel in my series, Loving Who, a sci-fi romantic-comedy full of Who fans and fun, is now available from Devine Destinies Books. Also available at Amazon in print and e-formats, and from other online retailers. You can read an excerpt below before I give my take on the "New Doctor."

Loving Who
by Cynthianna
Screwball comedy meets the world of Doctor Who fandom. Cici Connors' life will never be the same and it all changes when she takes a mysterious man into her life—and her bed. John Smith makes the perfect Doctor for their club's fan film, but is he really good boyfriend material? His fondness for popcorn and whipped cream are the least of his eccentricities, as Cici discovers not everyone sees the same man she sees.

When will John confess he's not from this planet? Will Cici regret having an affair and becoming mixed-up in an extra-terrestrial kidnapping plot? After all, how many alien assassins tracking her does one fangirl need?

And now an excerpt from Loving Who.  In this scene, our heroine Cici is transmatted from Earth to an alien world for the first time:

I don’t know when I began screaming, but my ears throbbed from my shrieks upon our arrival on a dark, featureless plain. I clapped my mouth shut and stared at John Smith, the man, alien, sentient being, who had made the unthinkable possible, the undoable doable, and in the process, had taken me to where I’d always wanted to go.

“Look up,” he said calmly.

I did. A million stars stabbed my eyes from a sea of the blackest velvet. A billion times better than staring through my souped up telescope. A trillion times better than pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope on the internet.

I was actually here.

“Like what you see?” He chuckled at my dumbfounded response. “Fancy the Bygons placing their teleportation deck where they keep their observatory.”

He strolled toward what appeared to be a console and flipped a couple of switches. Low-level lightning came on about the walls and a hum of machinery filled the emptiness of the circular chamber. I continued to gaze up through the huge skylight window.

“Cici? You okay?”

I pointed upward. “Stars,” I said at last. “Lots of them.”

“Eloquently put.” He came to my side and looked up. “You may or may not recognize any of the constellations but try not to worry. I’ll sort it out.”

“So many stars.” I had to close my mouth to keep from drooling.

“Uh, yes.” He frowned. “It appears I’ve made bit of a miscalculation. We’re not in Earth’s orbit. We’re not on a ship, either.”

I gasped. My knees turned to jelly. The piercing lights above began to swirl about me. I could feel my breakfast rising as a wave of nausea swept over me. John caught me by the elbow and lowered me to sit cross-legged on the deck.

“Where…are we?” I asked.

“A planet somewhere to the south and west of St. Louis by several million light years I estimate.” He stood and shrugged. “Not too far off the beaten path.”

“Not too far off?” My brain switched back on, and things began to sort themselves out internally. “We’re several million light years away from Earth, and you considered that close?”

“It’s all relative. Ask my friend Albert. It’s what he said. Anyway, we can go back the way we came, so we might as well avail ourselves of a tour of this curious facility.”

He offered me a hand, and I shakily regained my feet. “Where is everyone? I thought we’d run into the ghostly geeks with the shades.”

“So did I. Maybe it’s their tea time or something. Come along. Let’s explore.”

Loving Who now available from Devine Destinies Books and other fine online book sellers. (Now available at Amazon.)
You can read more about the other books in the series coming soon on my Loving Who series page by clicking here. If you can, please leave a review of my books on Amazon, Goodread, Facebook or elsewhere and let me know when you do so I can thank you. 

Loving Who was first written in the David Tennant era, so no, it doesn't mention the latest Doctor. It's about fans of both the classic series and the new. What do I think about the recent announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor? Well... I've not said much about the announcement online since I've been busy lately, and I've seen some fans attacking other fans over either liking or not liking the Beeb's decision.  Some even attacked Fifth Doctor Peter Davison for simply voicing his opinion. 

That's simply not right. It's a TV show, folks. In the grand scheme of things, it's entertainment--not life or death. Peter and all Whovians deserve the right to express their thoughts in a respectful manner. So with that in mind, here's what I say about this latest bit of Who news.

 A New Beginning: A New Doctor

As an author myself, I'm not always sure it's a good thing to mess with another artist's creative vision. Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman (the original producers/show creators) created  Doctor Who to be "family friendly" and "educational," but it has wandered far afield from this early concept. They made the Doctor a crusty, older British-sounding male, and cast William Hartnell in the role. If that's how they saw the character of the Doctor, who are we to argue with them? It would be like saying, "Huckleberry Finn is now a middle-aged, Chinese female instead of a young American boy." What would Mark Twain think of what you did to his character of Huck Finn? (Does a radically different Huck make sense in the context of the entire novel?) Since Verity and Sydney are no longer with us, we'll never know what they think about how others have interpreted their vision, but don't we owe it to their legacy to take care of their artistic creation?

I wonder why the BBC doesn't start a new, completely unique show with a "Time Lady" (such as Romana or the Rani) instead. Then the new show creators could do whatever they like with the Time Lady character without the worries of upsetting fans of the old show or going against series canon. I hear rumors of actress Georgia Moffat returning as the "Doctor's Daughter" in her own television show, so it is possible to start fresh with a spin-off if you're feeling trapped by the older show's scope.

Since the Doctor has regenerated thirteen times now--and has always been "male" in appearance and British in his speech patterns--why would he/she/it become "female" now? What good reason can one give for this radical change in the character? Why isn't the Doctor African or Asian instead? Why can't the Doctor speak with an American or Australian accent? Why does the Doctor have to speak English at all? Why not make the Doctor Brazilian or Mexican? The fans south of the border would love it! It just doesn't make much sense within the internal logic of the Doctor's  character to change his basic make-up since it has worked so well for the show for almost 54 years.  Such a radical change comes across as a ratings' ploy more than an artistic choice. Is the show in such trouble that it needs to pull a "stunt" to gain new viewers? What's the real motive behind this "gimmick"?

Still, Jodie Whittaker is a good actress, and it's worth a look to see how she handles the part.  I wish her and the new showrunners the best of luck. Fingers crossed they give her decent scripts to act and not the poor quality scripts Peter Capaldi was sometimes stuck with. It's the poor scriptwriting of the newer Who series that's disappointed me at times--never the actors, settings or SFX, etc., which are generally first rate. Having studied screenplay writing and film critique, I hate to see opportunities wasted to create brilliant science fiction on screen. The talent is out there writing-wise, BBC. Please use it!

Loving Who now available from Devine Destinies Books and other fine online book sellers!
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