Friday, August 01, 2008

The Happy Hour

The name brings to mind smokey bars and blue collar types getting off shift to down a pitcher of beer or materialistic yuppies mingling over tapas and martinis after a hard day’s work pushing papers. But the Happy Hour I’m referring to is far from these stereotypes. It’s in a class all its own.

This Happy Hour happens on the side patio of a friend’s home. It’s not at a dark, beer sign-bedecked, neon-lit corner pub or a posh, upscale restaurant. It’s relaxed and casual to the extreme. Better yet, bring the kids and your favorite snacks… Both allowed—and encouraged.

In fact, many of us don’t even drink, so we’re sipping water or soda pop while others toss back a beer or mixed beverage of their choice. But we’re not coming to Happy Hour for the drinks—we’re coming for the conversation and fellowship.

Happy Hour is a group of science fiction fans and other like-minded people who get together on a Thursday evening and sit around and chat endlessly on a variety of topics. Anything and everything goes.

There’s all those great SF summer movies we’ve seen (or not) worth discussing. There are fun activities coming up in the near future to get psyched up for like Archon 32, a float trip, or a possible ghost tour of old St. Charles. There are jokes to be told and great stories of past humorous situations to share. (I even learned you could use a tampon as a soft dart. You never know when that bit of info could come in handy!)

Happy Hour is all about being… well, happy. Enjoy a snack, enjoy a chat, have a beer or soda and relax. True happiness isn’t about trying to impress the work crowd or tie one on. True happiness is spending a few cheerful hours with your friends.

Tell me about a regular hang-out or activity you do with your friends just to unwind and to share a good time. Everyone who leaves a comment on any of my blogs this month gets their name tossed into a hat for free ebook drawing. So tell me what you think! And be sure to check out my latest SF/fantasy romantic-comedy offering LOVING WHO from Mojocastle Press. Links at my home page:

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Caffey said...

Hi Cindy!
This looks like my backyard when I was living near my family. I loved those evenings, having the bug candles going and we played lots of cards! Loved Rummy and Uno, snacking, laughter and hugs. I miss it. For a while, I had a dear friend as a neighbor and we'd play scrabble every friday night til the wee early mornings til one of us won. I so miss that too. I have to start that again when I find someone who would love to play that too. With the four of us here now, and the two working or college, we don't get to see them as much but you'd see this when we have a holiday in the summer. I wished I knew some around me that loves reading romance or historical that
Thanks for sharing the happy hour! It indeed is a happy few hours with family and friends!

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