Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Christmas Tree Without Presents

The lights shine just as brightly on a Christmas tree without presents.

And there's a whole lot more room under it to position your nativity scene, Christmas village, HO train track, stuffed animals, Santa figurines or other decorations you've accumulated and managed to hang on to over the years.

Looking at my Christmas tree this year, I can see just how much I have been blessed. I have been fortunate to accumulate many ornaments just by living this long and for having friends and family members who have gifted me with such treasures. None of my ornaments are what you'd call "pricey", but to me they are "price-less". What price can you put on love and good memories?

It's a difficult holiday season for us this year without an income and without much hope of finding jobs in this bleak economy, but for now we can afford to keep the lights turned on our Christmas tree and that is enough. When I think of all those who don't even have this much--no place to call home or no tree filled with the ornaments of good memories--I try to stop my pity-party and mentally kick myself in the rear. But I won't lie to you--it's difficult.

If I could give everyone in the world a gift, I'd like to give the gift of hope. Hope that tomorrow the tree will have presents and that the lights will always be turned on, twinkling in the darkness, proclaiming that a Light bigger than ourselves is shining over us. May He shine over us all forever.


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susan said...

I think many people will be without alot of things they are used to this time of year but one thing money is not needed for is memories. Gather together and talk about past Christmases or just share making some home made paper ornaments or cookies and you will have memories right a ways. This year with both my hubby and I retired we have cut corners in order to pay our fuel bills. I have collected stamps all summer in order to send cards and that is my present to myself and to everyone who gets a card from me. I love sending cards of cheers and it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn 't do this. susan Leech

Tamsyn said...

That is a beautiful Christmas tree. I love looking at my tree with the lights out. Always gives me a warm and peaceful feeling.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Cynthianna said...

I bet you've not been too, too, naughty, Linda. ;)

Thanks, Tamsyn. I feel the same way about Christmas lights... such a warm glow in such a cold, dark season. You can't really survive the start of winter without them. :)

I'm with you, Susan. Even in this day and age of email greetings, I still like mailing a card with a hand scribbled greetings to friends and family. Glad to know you're able to get yours all sent out this year. :)

kansassweet43 said...

My sisters and I decided to just enjoy family this year and not to
go crazy with buying alot of stuff.
Money is tight here as well. Isn't that the spirit of christmas anyway. Just to be thankful for family and friends are still around for you to love and enjoy their company. I also send out cards to family members far away, just to let them know I am thinking about them and wishing them a merry christmas.

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