Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Rebuttal to Mitt Romney’s “I'm-not-concerned-about-the-very-poor” comment

My Rebuttal to Mitt Romney’s “I'm-not-concerned-about-the-very-poor” comment:

This is a time people are worried. They're frightened. They want someone who they have confidence in. And I believe I will be able to instill that confidence in the rich American people. And, by the way, I'm in this race because I care about rich Americans.  I'm not concerned about the very rich. They have plenty of safety nets. If any need repair, they’ll be able to effectively lobby Congress to fix them.

I'm not concerned about the very poor; they're doing just fine. I'm concerned about the very heart of the American people, the 1 to 5 percent of rich Americans who right now are struggling with paying more than 15% in income tax, and I'll continue to take that message across the nation. 

Thank you Mr. Romney for making it oh-so-clear where your political leanings lie… Very near your wallet.

We at the Mad-As-Hell Party are focused on all struggling Americans. We could focus on the rich. But that's not our focus. We focus on the very poor because so many fat cat politicians who make $21 million a year don’t focus on them enough. Maybe it could be they’re too busy making $10,000 bets with each other.

Mr. Romney, I’d like to make a bet with you. I bet you that you will not make it to the White House in 2012. Hmm—how much would you like to bet me, an underemployed, struggling-to-survive American? Ten thousand? Well… let’s see what I have in my wallet to bet… two dollars. I look forward to your two dollars very soon, Mr. Romney. It’ll go a long way to fix my “safety net”.

Sincerely yours, 
Cindy A. Matthews

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A J said...

Love it!!! =) I swear this guy only opens his mouth in order to change feet!

Cindy A. Matthews said...

LOL!!! I think foot-in-mouth-disease is very telling... Freudian slips tell us what's really in the heart and soul of a person at times. Obviously, deep down Mr. Romney has no time for anyone who can't afford a $10,000 bet. If enough people who are in the 99% who can't afford Romney's lifestyle will exercise their right to vote, we will make sure he doesn't inflict more of his elitist agenda on struggling Americans.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cindy, I just loved your take is Gov. Romney inherited millions and made millions, millions more firing people from companies that Bain took over, and then bankrupted so they could steal the employee's pension fund!

If you don't think that happened, just check out what's going on at American Airlines, where Bain is the "consultan­t" to management the first thing American did after declaring bankruptcy­, was to short the employee's pension fund by over $90 million!!!

The stench of Bain continues, and Gov.Romney can't wash himself clean of it's foul odor.
His remarks about "not caring about the very poor," could be the Bain mantra. In either case, he is absolutely disgusting.

Cindy A. Matthews said...

Thanks for the nice compliment, Anonymous. Also, thanks for the info on Bain and Gov. Romney's former doings. If we go by the axiom, "by their fruit you shall know them," then obviously a "rotten apple" like Romney isn't about to turn into sweet apple cider anytime soon.

Everyone, keep informed and closely watch the candidates actions. They're true nature will become readily apparent in the "fruit" they produce.

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