Friday, March 09, 2012

See you at Kawa Kon

For those who are big time into anime, science fiction/fantasy, and Doctor Who, we'll be seeing you this March 16-18 at Kawa Kon!

My husband, AJ Matthews, and I have been asked to be on a Doctor Who panel.
While neither of us are that familiar with anime, it seems that many anime lovers have discovered the Doctor and want to chat about the show and the characters. We'll bring along some of our fun "artifacts" related to the show, and promo items related to my Doctor Who fan-inspired novel, LOVING WHO.

I hope to post some photos from the fun costume players at my Facebook author
page after we get our breath back. So, if you're in the St. Louis area and love anime, et. al., we'll be seeing YOU at Kawa Kon. Be sure to stop by our panel
and say hello. :)


writing as Cynthianna

LOVING WHO is available in e-formats and print (including Kindle)

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