Monday, August 06, 2012

Fifty Shades of Great(ness)

This is the logo for my new campaign to promote e-authors.

 Readers are talking everywhere online about it. The recent buzz over Fifty Shades of Grey has brought a lot of attention to e-books, erotica/erotic-romance e-books in particular. While I’m glad to see the general reading public discovering the wide world of electronic books it does make me wonder: Do readers realize the e-book has been with us for more than two decades? Do they realize there are many thousands of unsung authors of e-literature that can write just as tantalizing—if not more so—a story than this relative newcomer on the scene?

Science fiction and romantic elements minus the handcuffs

If I were to list all the talented e-book authors I know personally, the list would be miles long. I’m not kidding! In deference to time and space, I’ll just mention that I’m associated with some terrific e-book authors via my publishers eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies Books and Mojocastle Press.
 ( / and ) Yes, I’ll admit to being biased, but generally the quality of fiction of my publishers’ releases is many, many more than fifty shades above the average fluff that receives the majority of the new e-reading public’s attention. It does make me despair that these e-fiction creative geniuses don’t receive the consideration they so rightly deserve. And I want to do more to help sing their praises and raise awareness of their greatness.

A romantic-comedy that doesn't feature whips and chains. They do exist!

So my challenge to the e-reading public is this: Stop and check out the web sites of smaller e-presses like eXtasy Books and Mojocastle. Buy (don’t pirate) an e-book or two and give them a read. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There is endless variety in e-books waiting for smart readers to discover and many are great reads. So, stop following the crowd and automatically buying whatever Amazon tells you to! Explore, browse, read and learn for yourself that your heart’s desire in fiction is available at the merest click of your mouse.


Rosanna Leo said...

Awesome post, Cynthianna, and I hope all the readers out there follow your sage advice!

Michelle Hughes said...

Wonderful post! Shared with my readers.

Cindy A Matthews said...

Thanks, Ladies! Yes, please feel free to share the post and talk it up. I'm very concerned that many readers have no idea just how many e-authors and e-publishers there are in the world today. We need to let them know that Amazon and the big NYC publishers aren't the ONLY game in town! ;)

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