Monday, October 29, 2012

NaNoWriMo On the Road!

November is the month for NaNoWriMo--that's the "write a novel in a month challenge" for those not familiar with the program. I successfully wrote a novel (or a series of novelettes) a few years back in my first NaNoWriMo, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to at least start and finish a proposed novella I've had in mind for a few weeks now this coming November.

The added challenge to my "novel challenge" is that we'll be on the road for the next few months quite a bit

Yet I still think it's a doable feat. Why? Well, for one thing I won't be able to access the Internet quite as often as I can now. I'm one of those dinosaurs who don't access the Internet via my mobile phone. (My cell phone is not "smart".  It only lets me talk and listen on it. I prefer it that way.) So while we're traveling, I'll be without Internet distractions. I hope this means I'll be able to concentrate on developing my story and finishing it before the end of November. 

I have two story ideas actually, but my best bet this NaNoWriMo is the next story in the continuing tale of the young vampire Edwin Carstairs, first introduced in my Celine Chatillon novella, Blood Bond. I had a dream that Edwin survives and thrives as a vampire and 35 years later, at the onset of World War II, he is recruited to find a rogue vampire in league with a Nazi scientist... none other than his former lover, Ophelia Jones. The tentative title is Blood in Berlin.

If that story idea doesn't get the creative juice flowing, then I have a romantic-comedy idea about two lonely people who watch each other from afar and dream what life would be like if they were together. But will they ever get together in reality? That's the rub! 

Hey, why don't I let the readers decide? You tell me which one of these story ideas strike you as one you'd like to read in the comments below. Thanks and Happy NaNoWriMo to us all! :)



Margaret Fieland said...

I like the second -- but then vampires aren't really my thin g.

Moira Reid said...

I'm not sure which to choose; guess I'll leave that up to you! :) But I do love the idea that you're writing "on the road" all month. That is cool! Hang in there and friend me on Nano so we can keep up! Best of luck!

Moira Reid

AC Katt's Previews said...

I'm doing my first werewolf story for nanowrimo. I thin the romantic comedy sounds like a great idea. I love them.

AC Katt

A J said...

They're both great ideas. I'm a history nut, so I'll plump for Blood in Berlin. =)

Cindy A Matthews said...

Thanks for the feedback so far, y'all! I'm still deciding and I have the idea that if I get too bogged down on one story, I'll switch to another. Not exactly what you're suppose to do in NaNoWriMo, but if it works and I can get two stories at least partially written...? ;)

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