Thursday, October 02, 2014

Off to the cons!

We're off to a couple of sci-fi cons this month--Archon 38 and ConClave 38. What better way to celebrate this wonderful fact than by posting some flash fiction I wrote at the last con we attended, the NASFic DetCon1?

(Okay, there's probably a better way to celebrate, but this is a family friendly blog!) 

Now for the wonderful flash fiction, written under duress in five minutes on a Sunday morning at DetCon1...

Writing prompts: Two old friends, a mistake, an airlock

“No, you did not just do that!”

Bob scowled at his dear old friend Bill. Yeah, Bill was getting forgetful, but he hadn’t slipped into Alzheimer’s quite yet.

“I did. He deserved it, Bob. You heard what he said about the Sixth Doctor. That man deserved to die.”

“But Bill—come on! It was just a flippant remark about a centuries’ old sci-fi TV show... It wasn’t worth it.”

“Yes, it was!" Bill stood proudly. “The entire Doctor Who fandom was at stake. It had to be done.”

“Oh, all right.” Bob sighed. “What do we tell the captain then?”

“We just say Rick stepped out for a breath of fresh air.”

“Fresh air?” Bob smacked his forehead. “Through an airlock? On a space station in geosynchronous orbit around Earth?” He thought for a moment. “Well, all right.”

I'll be posting news about a couple of book contracts I recently lined-up very soon!

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