Monday, February 16, 2015

Please join my new e-newsletter mailing list

 Because I miss creating and sending out my monthly e-newsletter full of  my latest book release news, excerpts, contest events, Q & A for writers and other fun stuff, I've started a new mailing list with the very cool MailChimp program. SORMAG publisher and all-around promo-diva, LaShaunda Hoffman, informs me this is the way to go nowadays to connect with readers. And if the smart and savvy LaShaunda says it works, I believe her! ;-) So, please sign up below and feel free to tell your friends, too. Thank you.

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Flora said...

You miss it? Why did you stop? Lack of time?

Cindy said...

Yeah, lack of time and energy did the original newsletter in. Also, I didn't feel like anyone was reading it--there was very little reader feedback after a while. Throw in lots of "real life crises" and you get a dead newsletter. I wish I had kept it going longer, but it was one of the earliest e-newsletters on the Internet back in the early 2000s, so at least I can be proud of that fact. ;)

Anonymous said...


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