Friday, July 06, 2012

Trying to find Humor in the Heatwave

Getting ready for the parade...
 It's next to impossible to smile on a day when it's 95 degrees Fahrenheit at 9 o'clock in the morning. It's next to impossible to get excited about it being mid-summer when the forecast says the high today will be 109 F with a heat index of 115 F. It's hard to even think about tomorrow when the guy on the radio says tomorrow's temperatures are suppose to be worse.

I mean, my insides literally feel like they're baking themselves into haggis. How much worse can it get?

At least we still have electricity and somewhat of an air conditioner and box/ceiling fans. We're blessed compared to many who lost power in the recent storms. But still, I'm praying for rain and looking toward the skies and sighing a lot. When? When will it rain or at least cool down to say... 92 F?

Still, I've tried to find a little fun in all this sweltering heat. Independence Day started out in the mid-80s, so I figured I could make it through a two mile jaunt called the Webster Groves Independence Day Parade. I didn't go it alone, of course, as I accompanied the Greater St. Louis Ghostbusters along the route. We passed out candy and flyers for the upcoming unofficially first-ever Ghostbusters sci-fi con, Ecto Con.

Check it out. You know you want to... I promise, it will take your mind off the heat.

Because on a day like today, who you gonna call? I hope not the A/C repair guys but the Ghostbusters! :-)


A J said...

It's hot, all righty! =S I think you all were very brave to venture out in such heat for the parade, and to present such a good appearance too!

Claire Hennessy said...

Wow, that's hot! And they talk about "mad dogs and Englishmen, out in the midday sun" ... it should be "mad ghosts and Louisianna ghostbusters ..."!!

Cindy A Matthews said...

LOL!! Yeah, "we're not afraid of no ghosts" but we should be a bit more afraid of heat stroke and dehydration! ;)

msspencerauthor said...

Okay, are you the one in the Bill Murray mask? Dont you just love America! Thanks for the post, from a fellow swelterer (106 in DC). (aside: last chapter in my upcoming release Mai Tais & Mayhem is entitled: Mad Pigs & Englishmen). M. S. Spencer

Cindy A Matthews said...

I took the photos so I'm not in any of the pictures, M.S. :)

No masks necessary--we portray our own "characters" as Ghostbusters. ;)

Keep cool out there everyone!

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