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Would you like to do a review? (Book Excerpt)

Would you like to do a review of my latest release, The Gift of the Songbird?

Since the holiday season is fast approaching, I thought why not "gift" my Thanksgiving short story to my readers who are willing to write a short book review for me?  If you'd like to write a review for Amazon, Goodreads or any other book review site, email and let me know so I can send you the e-format file of your choice. ( )

A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  :)

The Gift of the Songbird
by Cynthianna

Hannah has the chance to sing for the richest family in town, but is it worth disappointing Daniel, her childhood friend, who seems to expect more of her?

Hannah Cummings has big plans for her future. An invitation to sing at the mansion of the dashing Elisha Spielman on Thanksgiving Day promises to launch her music career and help her raise funds to receive further vocal training. It’s a most fortuitous invitation, and Hannah is grateful and excited to accept. However, one man seems to stand in her way.

Daniel March won’t have it. Hannah has always sung for their village’s Thanksgiving festival to support the orphanage, and this year should be no different.

Friends since long before the terrible war separated them, Hannah feels there is more to Daniel’s determination to change her mind than simply his need to get his own way.

Can a songbird help them count their blessings and come to see each other in a different light?

Excerpt from The Gift of the Songbird

Daniel raised one dark eyebrow. “I do want something, but it’s not a hot beverage. I want you to say you’ll help us at the Thanksgiving feast for the orphanage and give up this non-sense of entertaining our town’s wealthiest citizens. They own the mine and the miners’ souls. They don’t need to own yours, too.”

How like Daniel March to get straight to the point! He’d displayed this annoying habit ever since they were first introduced as children. Hannah felt like sticking her tongue out at him but wisely thought the better of it. She sat on the settee instead and frowned.

You’re like a dog with a bone, and you just won’t let it go.” She sighed loudly for effect. “I told you that I’ve made my decision. I’m not going back on my word.”

But you’re going back on your word to the orphans. You’ve entertained them for many years, and you’ve helped Eustace and I raise a lot of money with our Thanksgiving dance and auction. Folks come from miles and miles around to hear you sing.”

Hannah looked heavenward and shook her head. “Hardly. They come from the next valley over possibly, but that doesn’t qualify as any great hardship in this day and age of rail travel.”

Daniel harrumphed. “Lucky for them, I didn’t blow up any train bridges in these here parts then.”

Hannah clenched her fists in her lap. It didn’t bode well to remind war veterans of their time of service. Many suffered nightmares and drank heavily to deal with their pain. Daniel was more fortunate than many, as he had returned home soon after his injury and had been nursed back to health by his older brother and his wife. Still, any mention of the war brought on a dark mood she’d never witnessed in Daniel growing up.

Hannah cleared her throat and smoothed her skirt. “Let’s change the subject, shall we? What are you and Eustace thinking of making for the festivities beside that awful fruit punch?”

Daniel raised an eyebrow. “What’s so awful about my brother’s award-winning recipe? It’s an authentic wassail.” 

“It’s authentic, all right. That’s the only thing that could be said for it.” She chuckled. “Good thing Carrie always brings a couple of her delicious cakes. No one really cares what they’re drinking as long as they have enough sweets.”

And no one really cares what they’re eating if they’re with their friends enjoying an operatic concert courtesy of our resident entertainer.”

Hannah would not be persuaded. “I’m not the only entertainer. There’s Mr. Cletus and his fiddling. Miss Bucket can bang that tambourine and warble pretty good, too. It’s time you encourage a few others to perform. I won’t be here forever, you know?”

A dark cloud descended over Daniel’s expression. “Are you really thinking of leaving us so soon after your father’s passing? Can’t wait to leave this holler behind you and live in the big city?”

The hurt in his voice stabbed at her heart. Could Daniel’s brusqueness hide his true feelings?

The Gift of the Songbird
Available now from Devine Destinies Books (and soon from other fine ebook retailers).

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