Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Short and Sweet Story!

Now available from Devine Destinies Books...

If You Give A Time Traveler A Cookie
(Book 4 in the Loving Who series) 

John and Cici return to St. Louis just in time for Cici to make her eye doctor appointment, but for some odd reason her apartment door seems jammed. The alien time traveler John Smith confesses he might have created a box that produces an endless supply of Thin Mints to assuage Cici's junk food habit. Will they be able to break the door down, stop the inter-dimensional cookie manufacturing, and save the building from collapsing before it's too late?

Excerpt: Never underestimate a sweet tooth.

“What is wrong with the door? Strange. I sure hope my landlord hasn’t locked me out of my apartment for non-payment of rent.”

“Impossible—remember, this is only twenty-four hours after we left, and the last time before we left Earth we jumped ahead to the distant future, took out your accrued interest on your savings, and pre-paid your rent all the way up to 2075. Your landlord absolutely adores you.” John fished in his jacket pockets for a small device that somewhat mimicked the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the lock. Nothing happened. “Maybe it’s rusty.” 

“Are you sure we’ve returned to Earth in the right time zone?”

“Of course we have.” He didn’t look too happy that I was questioning his expertise again, but after helping him thwart a number of attempted alien invasions of my home planet, John Smith wasn’t always the most reliable of time travelers. He put his device away, crossed his arms and stared hard at the door. “I think something is blocking it.”

“What could possibly be blocking it? I mean, I know my place isn’t exactly a mansion, but I don’t have any furniture located near the door that could have fallen across it and caused it to jam the lock. It doesn’t make any sense.”

He sniffed. “Who says it has to make sense? You humans rarely make sense to me.”

I laughed. “Ha! You’re one to talk, Mr. Junk Food Junkie. Who scarfed down all my Girl Scout cookies in one sitting and then asked for more?”

“I solved that problem as you recall.” He frowned at my forgetfulness at his thoughtfulness. “I reached into the twelfth dimension and redirected the end of the production line so the cookies would end up in your last empty box of Thin Mints so you wouldn’t ever be without… Oh, dear.” John’s eyes widened. His draw dropped. “Do you smell chocolate?”

I followed his sight line to the door and sniffed the air. “Hmm… Now that you mention it, yes, yes, I do smell a strong scent of chocolate—and mint, too. You can’t mean…” I gasped as the implication of his words hit me. My voice came out as a whisper. “You’re saying you didn’t turn off the cookie generator before we left?”

He shrugged. “Seems not.”

If You Give A Time Traveler A Cookie, now available at Devine Destinies Books.  

Check out the whole Loving Who series and enjoy the romantic-comedic sci-fi adventure!


A J said...

Oops! When technology runs wild... I love thin mints, but an endless supply would tax even my ability to eat them. :)

Cynthianna said...

Thin mints freeze well or so I've been told. ;)

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