Thursday, June 14, 2018

Another Publisher Is Gone

My apologies for not posting sooner. I had every intention of posting excerpts from my two recent releases, but now there's no reason to. Sigh!

Yet again, we've lost another publisher. Desert Breeze Publishing is closing their doors. Amazon and the economy destroys millions of lives, and we "mid-list authors" are often left in the lurch. 

They're closing very quickly, so if you wish to buy any of my Desert Breeze Publishing titles (these include Adrian's and my young adult sci-fi BloodDark Series of 4 books now) please do so before June 30th. This includes my three stand alone novels written under my Cynthianna pen name as well. Check the gorgeous cover art (also going away soon) and synopses at my web sites of and

I'm heartbroken and feeling lost once again. I received the rights back to my novels from another publisher that folded and just recently had them re-published with Desert Breeze, a very professional small press. It's like losing a family member.

I will post the cover art here for my three romance novels that will soon be gone. (Unless you'd like to help me purchase the right to the cover art. I'm not  into "vanity publishing," but I do like the cover art and the artists did such a great job. Donations accepted at Perhaps my books will be re-re-published again someday. I try to remain optimistic, but when publishers who have been around over a decade are folding/closing down, it's difficult.

The BloodDark series I hope will live on and increase in number. Be on the look out for them once we've secured a new home for them. Until then, please take care of your mid-list authors. Buy, read and review their books. You never know when it'll be too late to help them out with a sale or two or an encouraging words. Encouraging words can do wonders for a fragile author's ego.
P.S. Another publisher is gone. Ironic, isn't it, for you to buy our books in print/Kindle formats our publisher was dependent on the instrument of their--and so many small publishers'--deaths. But Amazon is a monopoly, and like all monopolies, their job is to put all competition out of business. Of course, once all competition is gone, they are free to publish or not publish as they see fit. They might not like science fiction or YA or romance novels, for example. It's called economic censorship, and you, the readers, are the biggest losers at the end of the day.


A J said...

It's a crying shame. This is the second publisher to close its doors in as many months. Fingers crossed it all works out well in the end.

Cynthianna said...

Fingers crossed! But if the well-established fiction publishers like Ellora's Cave and Loose Id are gone now due to Amazon's interference, it's not looking good for the rest, is it? And in the end, the readers lose out on the chance to read a variety of voices.

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