Friday, November 12, 2021

My Latest Release

Where The Bodies Lie

Zonta’s world is turned upside down when Jake arrives at Gentle Acres to investigate the disappearance of two agents of the Authority. Can she persuade her enemy-turned-lover to switch sides before the Protectors take action?

Zonta survived the Turn Over at Gentle Acres, a communal project she helped design alongside her late husband. Her life as a master gardener is fulfilling, but she feels something is missing. The answer comes when a Protector enlists her to keep an eye on Jake, an agent of the Authority. Zonta can’t deny her attraction to Jake, but can she love an enemy while protecting all she holds dear?

Jake decides his assignment to the wasteland of Gentle Acres is more than worthwhile the minute he sees the beautiful and exotic Zonta. When he tours the commune and meets the people, he is certain the peaceniks have nothing to do with the two agents he is searching for. As Jake learns truths he never knew, he concludes that perhaps his dedication to the Authority is wrong.

Can Jake prove himself to the Protectors and his new lover? Can Zonta risk losing her home and another lover to the Authority?


A dystopian love story where We the People win!

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