Wednesday, February 28, 2024

It's Time For An Update


 A Monarch butterfly in our backyard.

It's high time for an update here!

I'm not writing that much fiction lately, so I've had to face facts. It's just not worth paying for the domain names for my romance pseudonyms. After 20 years, I've let them go. I may regret it (or not) but that's life and poverty for you. You have to make choices sometimes you don't like but are necessary.

The good news is that my author web sites are still up, and I still do have romantic fiction for sale at eXtasy Books and the usual online retail suspects (Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc.) Here are the direct links to my author pages now:

For my PG-13 rated romance novels, romantic comedies, SF and historical romance:


For my R rated erotic-romance with contemporary, comedy and SF/Fantasy settings:

Celine Chatillon

If you're reading this at, then you've found my writings under my "real name" (or at least what I go by most days). The Blood Dark Series of YA books (co-written with my husband Adrian J. Matthews) have their own web page at I hope you'll check them out. 

I'm still wondering what to do with my stand alone dystopian near future novella, Where the Bodies Lie, written under this pen name. If I win the lottery tomorrow, I might just write  more stories set in this fictional world and set up another website for them.

Most days, you can find me writing under my "newspaper pen name" of C.A. Matthews. (Yes, I've written for newspapers and magazines. I also review books and evaluate manuscripts. I get around.) My latest column can be read online at The Revolution Continues blog, now featured on Substack at

Please subscribe to it for a weekly read on what's really going on in the world (not fictional stuff) and how I and other like minds see the future of our society/planet playing out.

If you're interested in helping me become a full-time writer, fiction and/or non-fiction, please purchase my books directly from the publisher's website. (I implore you to avoid sites like Amazon because it wipes out the author's royalties. It really does.) Or please consider becoming a paying subscriber of my weekly Substack blog or make a donation directly to the cause at   

Thank you.

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